BamBE is a new brand of beauty, meaningful and sustainable everyday essential products.

BamBE is more than just meeting our basic needs. We brush our teeth to feel good, and wear our socks to make a statement and show the world who we are. The same earth that gives us wonders, but needs our help too. Now, we can start to make a positive impact in a small but meaningful way.

We are passionate about putting bamboo and eco-friendly products at the forefront of everyone’s buying decision for their essential needs without compromising functionalities.

By using BamBE’s products, the most important question we can all ask ourselves everyday: “What do I believe—and who do I want to be?”

We also want to give back to the community by donating 5% of our profits to Vinnies Australia to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities across Australia. We want to show our customers that consumable goods don’t have to be either this or that. In fact, beauty, humanity and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Can’t make it to the Market? Shop BamBE online and enjoy home delivery.

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